Illumination and Power

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Illumination in and around the pond

With the aid of skilfully placed spotlights your pond and garden landscape can be effectively staged - and thus shows itself in its best light in the evening hours as well.

Set the right accents, quickly and easily: With the LED and halogen illumination product range from OASE, lighting highlights can be installed underwater and above the water surface. Thanks to the plug-and-play principle, complicated wiring is not required for the light sets - simply place them underwater or above the water surface, and connect them to a remote-controlled garden power outlet of the FM Master series, for example. All bulbs function with safe 12 V low voltage, they satisfy the IP 68 protection class requirements and consequently are suitable for sustained use underwater.


Bushes, shrubbery and trees really stand out when they are illuminated from below.

Illumination without LED

Mild summer evenings are not the only time that you can enjoy the magic that a carefully planned lighting scheme brings to the garden and pond.


Illumination mit LED

The Lunaqua 10 lighting system can be implemented constructively underwater as well as above water.


Waterfall Illumination

LED waterfall lighting – for stylish light accents in the evening. It is also ideal as terrace or pond edge lighting...


Power management

Lights off – no problem! This and many other commands to the garden equipment can be made from the comfort of your home or garden chair.



OASE Light Accessories.


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